The Perfect Brew for TeaCafes

Kadak Taste, Fast-Color Tea, and Low Per Cup Cost

all you need for your tea cafe

In the world of tea cafes and stalls, a stellar brew is the heart and soul of your business. It's the reason why customers keep returning for that perfect cup of tea. To achieve this, you need a blend that combines "kadak taste," "fast color tea," "100% natural" goodness, and a low per cup cost. We are one of India's largest wholesalers directly or indirectly supplying tea to more than 1000 cafes all around india.

Why choose us

Kadak Taste

The Essence of Indian Chai

Low Per Cup Cost

Maximizing Profit Margins

Fast-Color Tea

The Visual Temptation

100% Real Ingredients

No Artificial Flavoring

Swachh tea

Tradition, Flavor, and

everything they sell are premium and and 100% natural

Mr Subramaniam, Chennai.